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Introducing Insight7

I worked on the Insight7 team as the lead product designer and this project/startup was aimed at creating a product that enables product teams analyse customer and user research as well as gather AI powered insights in order to build quality products that solve the needs of those customers. The main purpose of the project was to empower B2B companies with a tool that aggregates, analyses and activates customer feedback to drive revenue and retention. As the lead designer on the project, my role was started at owning the whole process end to end and to execute all stages of the design process, using my skills in conceptualizing, wire framing, prototyping, design systems, user interface, and user research. I collaborated with the engineering team to translate designs into incredible products, and created engaging UI designs, features, and interactions that addressed specific user needs.

The design challenge was to create a user-friendly interface that would be accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their level of customer data analysis knowledge. The solution needed to be intuitive and easy to use, while also offering advanced features for the average B2B product leader.


The main goal of this product and case study is to help product teams, marketing teams and research teams to drive;
    •   User Engagement
    •   Retention
    •   Acquisition
    •   Revenue


Aggregating and extracting product insights from customer conversations lying in documents, feedback channels and apps is manual and time consuming. The bigger problem? Teams are unable to use this data to make smart decisions quickly.

The customer data profile were the CEOs, VPs of Product, Heads of Product, Product managers and Designers looking to make sense of customer feedback. These users needed a platform that would provide them with access to high end features designed to improve their workflows 10X, while also being easy to use and understand. To better understand the needs and preferences of the product owners, the Insight7 team conducted extensive market research to gather relevant market trends and industry insights in the customer data technology space.

Competitor Analysis

I conducted a thorough competitor analysis, which helped me identify industry best practices and areas for differentiation. As a result of these efforts, metrics like user engagement and conversion rates saw significant enhancements, validating the effectiveness of my iterative design process and stakeholder collaboration.

I took keen focus on companies like ProductBoard, Dovetail and Grain

Design Process

The design process for Insight7 involved several stages, including research, ideation, prototyping, and testing. During the research phase, I and the rest of the team conducted surveys and user interviews to better understand the target audience’s needs and preferences. This information was then used to inform the ideation phase, where we generated and evaluated several design concepts.

The prototyping phase involved creating high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes to test the usability and functionality of the design concepts. During this phase, I worked closely with the engineering team to ensure that the designs could be translated into an intuitive, functional and usable product.

Design Solution

The final design solution for Insight7 was a user-friendly platform that provided users an avenue to analyse customer feedback in a less tedious method, basically slashing 7 hours of work to 7 seconds. The platform was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with a clean and modern user interface. The main features of the platform included a prioritization widget to help product owners automate their workflows, push tasks to Jira, monitor the status of those tasks whether pending, in progress or completed. It also included a project section for storing all their analysed data in a project form with an easy-to-understand high powered dashboard showing in depth themes and sentiment from their customer feedback. Furthermore, it included a library experience where you see all your files individually and you also get to analyse single one-on-one conversations to mine insights and extract painpoints, desires and behaviors. Another interesting feature included a data playground where users get jobs done for example, create affinity maps, generate roadmaps, generate opportunity solution trees etc

As a designer on the project, I made several key design decisions to ensure that the platform met the needs of the target audience especially in my choice to use clear and concise language and copies to communicate effectively to the end user.

User Feedback

During the testing phase, I received valuable feedback from users that helped to improve the final design solution. For example, several users reported that they found the platform to not be legible having small fonts, so I made changes to the user interface to make it more intuitive and more accessible. Additionally, several users requested more advanced features, so I added several new features to the platform to meet these needs for example, the ability to manually create and insight on the prioritization widget, also the ability to query any document they put into the platform on the next steps to take concerning that document and customer feedback etc.

For example, taking VPs of product into consideration, we considered handing them a feature that gives them the ability to manually create and insight on the prioritization widget, see summaries in the library documents, query that document etc.


The impact of Insight7 on the target audience and the market was significant. The platform helped product owners a lot more than we imagined with a seamless and secured way to aggregate customer feedback, which helped them to achieve better profits. Additionally, the platform’s user-friendly interface helped socially engineer analysing feedback that they gather on other platforms on the internet and receive actionable insights, making it accessible and useful to a wider range of users.

Key Metrics

In my UX journey to elevate this product, I focused on improving metrics through a multifaceted approach. I initiated stakeholder feedback sessions, which led to better alignment between design goals and business objectives. My continuous discovery habits involved regular user testing and analysis, enabling me to make data-informed decisions.

In the space of 5 months, the product showed tremendously impressive metrics;
    •   50K+ Companies Onboarded into the app
    •   85% Daily Active Users
    •   200k+ Customer Interviews Analyzed
    •   100% Task Completion Rate
    •   A successful pre-seed fund round

User Testimonials

Here’s what a few users had to say


The Insight7 product is a success, delivering a super data platform that empowered users including product owners with a way to access critical customer insights instantly to drive innovation and achieve superior outcomes. The design process is an iterative and collaborative, with the design and engineering teams working closely together as we are still working on the product daily to improve it’s experience and to create a platform that met the needs of the target audience. 

As the lead product designer on the project, I am proud to play a significant role in delivering a final design solution that is well-received by heads and owners of product and has a significant impact on their B2B company revenue.

App Screens

Home - Dashboard
📍 Viewing personal and team library
📍 Viewing different customer intelligence templates to get feedback and also ability to select multiple documents to add to a project or delete
📍 Inside a project -  Seeing the interview transcript, actionable insights, various keywords and the ability to query the document.
📍 Viewing personal and team projects
📍Inside a project - Project dashboard, viewing an insight and it’s corresponding evidence
📍Inside a project - Querying the project and importing documents from library into said project
User Segmentation
📍 Viewing Accounts
📍 Inside an account - Dashboard, people in that account and files associated to those people in that account
📍 Viewing People
📍 Inside the people - recent activity and conversations had with those people and a quick summary
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